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CPV Three Rivers Fact Sheet


Type of Facility:
  • 1,100 MW natural gas-powered, 2 - 1x1 combined-cycle, electric generating energy center

  • Location:
  • 80-acre site located two miles south of the Illinois River in Goose Lake Township, Grundy County, Illinois
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  • 1,100 MW

  • Energy Center Online:
  • 2021

  • Fuel:
  • 36-inch Kinder Morgan (NGPL) pipeline traverses the project site

    Electric Interconnection:

  • Two 345kV lines located 0.15 miles north of the project site, or the Dresden 345kV substation located ~1.5 miles north of site

  • Water:
  • On-site wells
  • In today’s technology-driven world the demand for electricity continues to soar with the increased use of computers, cell phones, electric heat, cooling and all the modern conveniences we have come to depend upon. As older electric generating facilities outlive their useful life and electricity demand continues to rise, there is a need for high-efficiency, state-of-the-art electric power generation. At Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), we are dedicated to building power facilities that reliably generate electricity in a way that is consistent with the values of the communities in which we operate.

    We are excited about the opportunity that the CPV Three Rivers Energy Center presents to demonstrate our commitment to a cleaner energy future, and a better environment.

    We hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about the CPV Three Rivers Energy Center and the significant energy, environmental, and economic benefits that it can bring to your immediate and surrounding community.

    Project Overview

    CPV Three Rivers plans to permit, build, and operate a new 1,100 megawatt (“MW”) combined-cycle electric generating energy center in Goose Lake Township, Grundy County, Illinois. That is enough energy to power 1,100,000 Illinois homes. The project will use clean-burning natural gas through state-of-the-art technology, including two combustion turbines (“CT”), two heat recovery steam generators (“HRSG”) and one steam turbine (“ST”) capable of producing electricity in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly manner.