Significant New Revenue

The project will yield substantial local and regional benefits including hundreds of millions of dollars in private infrastructure investment and significant new revenues for local governments and businesses. Based on CPV's experience, the positive economic benefits across the community and region for years to come are dramatic.

Significant Local Economic Activity

At peak construction, approximately 300 – 500 union workers will be on-site during the 30-month construction schedule. Through our general contractors, CPV always strives to hire locally for our projects. Once operational, the energy center will require a staff of 25 full-time personnel, with over $3 million in annual salaries and benefits. In addition, another 75 jobs will be created to provide services to the plant.  

Environmental Benefits:

Combined-Cycle Technology: 
This project will utilize GE's latest super-efficient
"H-class" turbine technology in a combined-cycle configuration, which makes this project 30 percent more efficient than conventional electric generation.

Natural Gas: 
The CPV Three Rivers Energy Center will be a natural gas-fueled energy center, which means lower emissions rates and therefore improved overall air quality.

Officials on CPV ...

“CPV has treated the City as a partner in the operation and has been an asset to our community. When they took over operation of the project, they faced many hurdles including recommencing construction of the plant itself, working with the city on many critical issues left by the previous developers and finally managing the cleanup of a pre-existing contamination issue on the site. As someone who is on the frontline when it comes to dealing with the community's concerns, I offer my recommendation of CPV as a "partner" to the City and member of the community.”

- James L. Richetelli, Jr., Mayor, City of Milford, CT